Creditcard has been used for many years already and is highly valued as a payment method. In the Netherlands, about 12% of all payments are done through creditcard. This is of course an average. In the travel branche the share of creditcard payments is well above 50%, while in most web shops the share is a little below 10%.

You can add creditcard directly to your account by utilizing a PayPal account. PayPal has a creditcard payment method by default, even if your customer does not even have a PayPal account.
To activate the creditcard payment service for your organization, we will have to arrange various things, one of which is a contractual agreement. For this we charge a one-time administrative fee of € 125,-.

In case you offer a product/service for which creditcard is a frequently used method of payment, we advise you to add creditcard as a separate payment method. In case this is unusual for your product or service or the total amount of orders you process in a day does not exceed 20, we would recommend that you use creditcard through PayPal instead.

To use creditcard as a payment method to your customers, you are required to follow the below steps:

Create an account on DigiWallet.

Add the organization to your account for which you want to use creditcard.

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Activate your PayPal account in DigiWallet