Accept Credit Cards with DigiWallet

Accept Credit Cards in your webshop? With DigiWallet as your Payment Service Provider you have two of the largest Credit Card companies together in your webshop, VISA and Mastercard. They cover more than 90% of the international market. In order to provide you with good service we offer you, besides Credit Card, a variation of different payment options.

The advantages of Credit Card

  • International payment method with worldwide coverage
  • Purchase protection for your customer
  • Suitable for large transactions and/or transactions where the customer wants extra security

The advantages of DigiWallet

  • All payment methods in a transaction overview
  • Technical Support
  • Several useful solutions for free: E-Giro collection, E-Invoices and E-Plugins.

Why Credit Card?

Credit Card is one of the best known payment methods worldwide. The customer has a choice between a number of Credit Card companies, of which VISA and Mastercard are the largest. VISA has almost 140 billion transactions per year. In the second place comes Mastercard with over 67 billion transactions per year.

Safe and secure

The ability to pay by Credit Card gives your customer a safe and secure feeling. This is mainly due to the purchase protection. The customer is insured for at least 180 days for loss, theft and damage when they pay with a Credit Card. Furthermore, the customer has a delivery guarantee. If the order is not deliverd or is not in good condition, the Credit Card company will refund the payment. Finally, the Credit Card company monitors the Credit Card transactions in order to prevent fraud. All this gives the consumer a safe and secure feeling and this leads to more purchases in your webshop.

Postepay and spread payments

The customer pays, within an agreed period, the amount that has been spent with the Credit Card. The transactions are therefore not taken directly from the bank account, but are paid afterwards. It is also possible to make a payment longer, also called spread payments. Because the amount to be paid is not paid within the agreed time, an amount of interest is added. The above benefits make the Credit Card payment method ideal for larger transactions and/or transactions where the customer wants extra security 


Why DigiWallet?

There are a lot of factors when you going to start a webshop. The payment process is an important part. DigiWallet helps you with that. With Credit Card and our other payment options you will strengthen your webshop and give your customers an enjoyable experience during the payment process.

With your DigiWallet account you can add and manage your organization(s). Order details, statistics, test surroundings, payment methods and many other data can be found in your DigiWallet surroundings. DigiWallet ensures that Credit Card and the other payment methods are technically linked in your webshop and that the transactions in your DigiWallet surrounding are insightful.


To activate the payment method Credit Card for your organization, we need to realize a number of things, including an agreement. For this you pay a one-time €125,- administration fee. (Tip: by addingPayPal as a payment method, you can offer the payment method Credit Card directly to your customers, for a large number of transactions it makes sense to add Credit Card yourself). In addition to the Credit Card costs, you pay a transaction fee per succesfully received payment based on the average number of transactions per day.

There is no standard rate for a Credit Card payment because it depends on multiple factors (such as the product your provide) and is therefore determined per webshop. A fixed amount and a variable amount are calculated per sale. To add this payment method to your website, you can conclude an agreement with DigiWallet.

Credit Card payments are collected by the Credit Card companies and paid directly to your. DigiWallet ensures that this payment method can be technically linked to your webshop and the transactions in your DigiWallet environment are clear. For this DigiWallet calculates transaction costs.

Pricing per successful transaction(*)

  • 0-2 transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + (1,8% - 2,8%)

  • 2+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + (1,8% - 2,8%)

  • 20+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + (1,8% - 2,8%)

  • 100+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + (1,8% - 2,8%)

  • 150+ transactions per day average

    € 0,25 + (1,8% - 2,8%)

(*) Average daily transactions are calculated over the past 7 days. If the average order value is below € 9,95, there will be an additional fee of € 0,10 per transaction.


  • U heeft 24/7 realtime toegang tot alle transactiedetails
  • Your funds will be paid directly to you by the Credit Card company

Step 1

Create a DigiWallet account or login

Step 2

In order to add the Credit Card payment method to your account, a link needs to be established between your webshop and DigiWallet. You can do this in two ways

Webshop Plugins

Link the Credit Card payment method to your webshop with one of our available plugins.

Available plugins

Developers API

Link the Credit Card payment method easily to your own webshop by programming the API.

Program the Credit Card API

Also suitable for less experienced programmers.

It is advisable to first check between our available plugins before you start programming the API immediately. Not a suitable plugin for your webshop? Then you can use the DigiWallet API. You do not have to be an experienced programmer for this. Our TechSupport will be happy to help you if you have problems with programming the API. While we approve your account, you can enter the test surrounding via your DigiWallet account. This way you can test your webshop to see if the programmed Credit Card payment method is working properly.